#Wake up CAs! Don’t Miss the Opportunity – Are YOU Ready for NCLT/NCLAT?

2013 Companies Act proposes to establish all powerful National Company Law Board (NCLT) and National Company Law Appellate Tribunal ((NCLAT) for dealing with all legal matters involving corporate world. The NCLT will enjoy powers to deal with matters hitherto dealt by CLB, High Courts and BIFR. The professionals like CAs are not entitled to appear before High Court dealing with appeals arising from CLB, mergers and amalgamations and winding-up cases. With the paradigm shift under 2013 Act, CA fraternity is all good for appearing before NCLT for such matters. They can also handle appeals before NCLAT.

NCLT & NCLAT are going to be a reality soon. But Are CAs Ready?

It is a big question with a possible answer – probably not. CA fraternity needs to change this. The change is possible with some effort – effort to learn how to draft petitions or appeals, effort to present arguments cogently and in a pursuasive manner, effort to improve research ability, effort to learn interpretation of statutes, effort to gain knowledge about legal principles; in short, effort to prepare themselves before these forums.

The competition CAs are going to face will be fierce – from lawyers and other professionals. But with excellent financial knowledge, CAs are bound to be a potent force provided they acquire the above mentioned skills. Only those CAs will succeed who are ready to learn, adapt and change and that too quickly.

Time to wake up is NOW. Surprisingly, neither the ICAI, Regional Councils, Branches and Study Circles have paid considerable attention to this. This area presents a huge opportunity and deserves better treatment by these bodies.

Hope is still not lost. The programs should be organized to prepare CAs for this abundant opportunity. Corporate Law is an interesting field BUT requires thorough knowledge of the subject.

Time, Effort and Will is what is required to change the status quo.

Wake up CAs!!

© Ashish Makhija: ashish@ashishmakhija.com

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